Magnet Pad - $20.00
Buckles - $25.00
Card Case - $15.00
Blinders - $10.00
Shell Clip - $15.00
Towels - $8.00
These card cases are a great place to keep
licence, etc...Sized at 3" x 4.5" folded, it will
fit in your pocket or shell bag.
The Shamrock buckle has a steel base that is
covered on both sides with leather and laced
around the edges with leather lacing.  This
buckle will not scratch guns and fits 1.5" belt.
The barrel magnet offers a great way to
protect your gun. A 35 lb. test magnet
ensures it won't blow away.  Just don't
forget it.
The extra shell holder clips on your
belt and holds two 12 gauge shells.
The blinder is made of black leather. Color
options for the logo range across the spectrum.
 Choose from ATA, broken target, or shamrock..
Bag Strap - $20.00
Sheepskin Pad - $15.00
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Embossed Pine Cone
Embossed Scroll
Embossed Honeysuckle
Embossed Oak Leaf
Embossed Basket Weave
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