A new product for Shamrock is the oak clock. Many options are available for style,
movement type and layout. Let us design a clock to fit your needs.

 11"x11" Oak Clock, Standard Movement CLS.200 $50.00
11"x11" Oak Clock, Enclosed Movement CLE.200 $55.00
11"x14" Oak Clock, Standard Movement CLS.205 $65.00
11"x14" Oak Clock, Enclosed Movement CLE.205 $70.00


Leather State Shape Clocks

State shapes may also be available to use as a plaque. They come in small (8"x10") and large (10"x12").
Check for state availability. Pricing is the following and there are no volume discounts for this item.

Small State Clock, Standard Movement $45.00
Large State Clock, Standard Movement $55.00
Small State Clock, Enclosed Movement $60.00
Large State Clock, Enclosed Movement $70.00